You Check-In, WE DONATE

You Check-In, We Donate!

Our team at Belli & Streit Orthodontics looks forward to every October because it’s our chance to participate in the worldwide campaign to promote research, education, and awareness of breast cancer.

What?  While you’re relaxing in your car during your child’s orthodontic visit or prior to coming in for your own, take a moment to “check-in” on Facebook.

Why?  For every person who “checks-in” on Facebook, OUR DOCTORS will donate $1 toward breast cancer research.
How? Simply open your own Facebook app, click on “Post”, choose “Check-in”, and you’re done!

Patients have the opportunity to support this cause, too.  For every person who chooses pink colored ties this month, OUR DOCTORS will donate another dollar. 

Thank you for your efforts in helping us support this cause.