Braces or Clear Aligner Therapy – Which One Is Right For Me?

The best news is that, generally speaking, you have options when it comes to braces or clear aligner therapy! Though one method really is not better than the other, well-trained orthodontists like Dr. Belli and Dr. Streit can help you decide.

Your process begins with a thorough examination, orthodontic records (imaging, photos and models), and an accurate diagnosis.  This solid foundation allows them to pinpoint the problem and create your customized treatment plan.

Information you share with them regarding your lifestyle needs, combined with their expertise, will guide what will be a joint decision on the next right steps in creating your beautiful, healthy smile.

This guide will give you baseline knowledge about braces & clear aligner therapy to help you feel more confident as you decide.

As board certified orthodontic specialists, Dr. Belli and Dr. Streit, have the education, expertise and experience that will give you a beautiful and lasting result.  Perhaps equally important, they will offer you honest, conservative, and understandable information to help you get started on your way to a beautiful smile. Contact our office today to schedule your free consultation with our expert team!