You Can Find Us Where?

We are so excited to now be present and accessible through Instagram, SnapChat, and Pinterest!  Interested in peeking in on some of our after-hours fun? Find us on Instagram! See what’s happening behind-the-scenes during a work day? Check out Our Story on SnapChat!  Looking for braces-friendly recipes? Go to our Pinterest page!

New to any of these social media outlets? Here are some step by step instructions on how to find us:



  1. Open the Instagram App
  2. Tap the search tab (magnifying glass)
  3. Type “BelliStreitSmiles” (Instagram is NOT caps sensitive)
  4. Press the “Follow” Button



  1. From your homepage select “Add Friends”
  2. Type in our username “BelliStreit” at the top of the screen
  3. Our profile will pop up, click “Add”

**Visiting our office soon? Use our new Geofilter on SnapChat! take a selfie in our office and scroll through the local geofilters until you find ours. We would love to have you show off your gorgeous smile!



  1. Type “Belli Streit Orthodontics” into the search bar to find our page


  1. Use the Pinterest Pincode below
  2. Open the Pinterest app
  3. Tap your Pinterest camera (next to the search bar)
  4. Point your phone at the Pincode for instant access!