The Game Where Anything Goes

Dr. Belli and Dr. Streit started working together in 2012.  Hopefully, it comes as no surprise that Dr. Streit bleeds maize and blue and Dr. Belli bleeds scarlet and gray.  The last time Michigan beat Ohio State was in 2011 at the Big House with a final score of 40-34.  This year is a much-anticipated game as #4 ranked Michigan will be meeting up with #10 OSU in Columbus.  More than any other rivalry, rankings seem to go out the window and Wolverine and Buckeye fans alike acknowledge that this is the game where anything goes.

November has been coined “The House Divided Month” at Belli & Streit Orthodontics with new Michigan/OSU paraphernalia popping up around the office every year.  Every once in a while we place a bet on the game like last year where our Facebook friends voted for the loser to be drenched in Gatorade.  Dr. Belli kindly swapped the Gatorade with packing peanuts.  Dr. Streit sure was grateful!

This year we are asking our Facebook friends and family to take a guess at what you think the final score will be of the matchup on Saturday.  Both Wolverine and Buckeye fans would agree that the prize for the winner is pretty awesome.