Staff Appreciation With a Spin

This year the doctors at Belli and Streit Orthodontics put a spin on orthodontic staff appreciation week.  Small gifts were given and great ideas for practice improvement came as a result.

As time goes by, we find it’s impossible to ignore that parents and patients are busier than ever and the demands on families keep piling up.  So we asked our team to dream up ways this practice could give our patients and their families a break in their day that takes them away from all the chaos.   How could we turn a predictable orthodontic visit or wait in our reception room into the best part of the day for each person who walks in our door?  A theme was present in each day’s gift to our team, with our request for them to consider the following questions:

Day 1:  How do you create excitement?  We asked our team to offer suggestions on what we can do to get our patients and parents excited to spend their time with us.

Day 2:  How do you give the gift of time?  Time has never been more fleeting.  We asked our team to help us find ways to save our patients time.  How could we get our students back to school quicker, help their parents miss less work, and make the entire appointment process easier?

Day 3:  How do you create an experience?  We will achieve a beautiful smile for our patients no matter what, but we can add even more value and joy by doing little things that can transform an average experience into an exceptional experience.

Day 4:  How do you appeal to the senses?  What we see, what we hear and what we smell all impact the enjoyment of our experience.  How can we turn these sensory opportunities into something more pleasant and fun for the entire family?

The responses from our team were both thoughtful and creative.  We have already implemented many of their ideas! Based on the feedback we’ve had so far from our patients and their families, they’re feeling even more appreciated by their Belli and Streit Orthodontic team.  We don’t consider it a mission accomplished, we consider it a mission in process to make everyone’s day just a little better.