First Day Jitters

These days, many parents are experiencing first day of school jitters in ways that are remarkably similar to those of their children.  Keeping up with changes that are presented to us each day can be exhausting. Sometimes it’s tough to stay calm in the midst of this Covid storm.  Our moms here at Belli & Streit Orthodontics are right there with you.

We compare this feeling to our first day back after being closed last spring. We anxiously greeted members of our team that we had not seen for weeks. There were no hugs, just the beautiful sight of squinting eyes with masked smiles. We had new rules to adapt and integrate into our daily lives.

Belli & Streit moms get it.  We share your angst, your worry, and your frustrations about the unknowns in the upcoming school year. Know that we’re here for you and your child. We believe that our connections will grow stronger as we share ideas, mom hacks, and maybe even a little laughter.

So, if you’re looking for a little escape from it all, check out our Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram pages for fun contests that give opportunities to treat yourself to little surprises.  Our team looks for humor any way we can find it. When we do, we will share it with you and we will all get through this together.