Elf Magic

At Belli & Streit Orthodontics you are never too old to get in on the magic of the holiday season.  Our doctors and staff members find good family fun and a little friendly competition in creating several teams of two who each prepare a daily surprise adventure for little Elfie.  Every morning we all anticipate the next discovery of creative, yet often simple ideas that make coming to work even more enjoyable.  Our patients join in as well, especially when the scene is easily spotted from inside the clinic or reception room where many will travel through.  However, just like home, you never really know where the little “elf scout” will turn up.

We all live in such busy times and our kids grow up so quickly.  It truly can be fun to step back for a moment, imagine a little magic or mischief, and then turn it into Elfie reality for all to enjoy.  We hope you will join in the Elf on the Shelf adventure as part of our family at Belli & Streit Orthodontics.  Check out our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest pages as she moves about our office offering holiday cheer and surprises for everyone.  We invite you to share some of your ideas as we begin looking for inspiration for next year!