COVID-19 Message Regarding Your Upcoming Appointment

Hello!  As you are aware the current situation prevents us from seeing our patients for regular appointments in our office.  We know that your appointment would have been 05/02/2020.  Please keep in mind, Dr. Belli & Dr. Streit are working tirelessly to review every patient chart and are relaying necessary information to keep treatment on track.
If you have not heard from us it is because you are among the majority of individuals who will continue to progress during this time.  Please know we are always available to discuss your treatment if you need any reassurance.  As soon as we have more information as to when we can re-open our doors, we will contact you.
We hope you are staying well as you stay at home.  We look forward to the time we are able to have you back to our office.
Dr. Stephen Belli & Dr. Laura Streit