Christmas at Belli and Streit Orthodontics

Can you see the twinkling glow coming in through the Belli and Streit Orthodontics window?  This time of the year is one of the most enjoyable in our office where we think of ways to heighten all our senses that express the joy of the holiday season.

And the colorful glow you see from outside our building?  It is the break room adorned with lights enough to rival the well-known Clark Griswold masterpiece.  The aromas you smell as you enter our reception room each morning?  It’s a firing up of the cinnamon-y fragrance booster that wafts into other parts of the office as well.  If coffee is a taste you enjoy, try a smooth, delicious and aromatic cup of our holiday peppermint blend.  Wrap your fingers around the warmth of your beverage, cozy back in your chair and embrace the bright colors of red and pink poinsettias nestled around the reception room.  And finally, we hope you will add one more indulgence in the delight of Christmas tunes gently playing overhead.

As for our team, we’re enjoying five days of Secret Santa gifts from one another.  Every morning we find a present at our individual work spaces.  Half the fun in giving is figuring out an inconspicuous time and place where the recipient will find the surprise.  The process is not complete until we take the sixth day to relax together over a hot cocoa bar filled with mini marshmallows, fudge syrup, and whipped cream while we share with one another the crazy, yet often useful  and delicious gifts we received.  The laughter kicks up as we all take turns guessing who drew our name to become our own Secret Santa.  The event finishes with lots of hugs, gratitude and wishes for happy holidays with our families.

As a reminder for you, our Belli and Streit Orthodontics family, we are open Monday and Friday of Christmas week.  We enjoy being here for you and keeping the holiday spirit burning bright for those coming in for a visit. Don’t let our ugly Christmas sweaters scare you away December 19th! Feel free to join us in attire.  We might even accidentally mistake you for a team member and put you to work!

In all seriousness, we want to take this time to thank our patients and their families for supporting our small business.  We are so grateful for each and every one of you. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa!