Check In and Pink Out at Belli and Streit Orthodontics

Check-In and Pink Out at Belli and Streit Orthodontics

During the month of October, our Belli and Streit Orthodontics team is creating an experience we are calling our “Pink Out”.   Our goal is to promote a cause that is very personal and important to us: Supporting the research initiative to end breast cancer.  Upon entering our office you will notice our support in color for the women, men, and families who have been affected by breast cancer and other forms of cancer.

So what are we asking of you?

It’s really pretty simple.  During the month of October every time one of our Belli and Streit Orthodontic guests “checks-in” at our office on their Facebook page, we will donate one dollar to Susan G. Komen For the Cure.  That’s it!  After you check-in, head over to our front desk where you can ask for one pink gem to place in the flower vase displayed on our bulletin board.  The container is completely transparent which will give us all a good visual on how our total contribution is growing throughout the month.  Additionally, pink and blue ribbons are set out for you to write the names of your loved ones on our bulletin board.

If you’re our patient who wears braces, you have the opportunity to initiate an even greater contribution!  Choose pink ties on your braces and get another gem when your visit is finished.

Whether your experience of pink is to click a link or you choose to leave our office with a pink smile, our Belli and Streit Orthodontics team truly appreciates your efforts to help positively impact the lives of others.